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The assignment for this week in Corinna Nitschmann’s online felting course was to make a wall hanging bag with wet felting  technique and then add relief and interest by stitching. On Tuesday I felted two bags, because with the first one the wool didn’t felt together to make the large pocket and I cut away in the wrong places to make the flap. At the end of the day my spirits were low, because the second attempt didn’t turn out better: in fact it was even worse, because I chose the wrong wool to make the base bag. Brown Alpaca is a gorgeous material but not for bag making: much too soft. I also made the mistake of using underlay for laminate flooring as a resist: this cut through the Alpaca wool at the bottom corners of the small pockets. At the end of the day I had a throbbing headache for frustration and the skin of my hands was in bad repair.

This was the end  result of day one:

I had very encouraging feedback from Corinna and the other students, so I sew, punched, stitched like mad and was able to show the end result on the course weblog today… this is what stitching can do to felt: for me it was an eye opener:

wall hanging bag

Deze wandtas heb ik gemaakt voor de online cursus. Het thema was ” insecten en hagedissen”. De eerste van de twee tassen die ik had gevilt bleek toch de beste om met borduursteekjes en reliefwerk (onder het vilt doornaaien en zo de vezels bij elkaar en naar boven halen) op te leuken. Vandaag naar het park om foto’s te maken om de tas op het weblog te presenteren aan de andere cursisten en aan de cursusleidster, Corinna Nitschmann.




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